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Sydney Lewis Hall is the third home of Washington and Lee’s School of Law.  This building (consisting of 75,000 SF) was built in the early 1970’s with funds given by Frances and Sydney Lewis of Richmond, Virginia.  It was completed in 1976 and dedicated on May 7, 1977.   Recently, the building has been undergoing a phased renovation with Phase I  completed in 2014 and Phase II completed in 2015.  The building provides more flexible space for student collaboration and study, new homes for four of the School’s legal clinics, and an improved entry sequence and navigation for the building along with the creation of more spaces for public and private group work, including group study rooms, small seminar rooms, and an additional reading room in the library.  The addition of numerous exterior windows allows more natural light into the building, especially on the lower floors.  Also included is a new entry to the building on the ground floor near the visitor parking spaces and a new stairwell accessible from the main lobby that directly connects the second, third, and fourth floors.  

Architects: Glave and Holmes   |   Owner: Washington and Lee University       |   Location: Lexington, VA

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