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Biotech One is a 106,342 SF 3-story building which includes lab fit-outs for tenants such as: Virginia Institute for Behavioral and Psychiatric Genetics, B. I. Chemicals Drug Design and Development Institute, INSMED Pharmaceuticals, MCV/VCU Wenzel and others.

It is a steel, brick and block building with laboratory space, provisions for compressed gas, teleconferencing facility, computer/ communications center and administrative space. This project was also constructed in an extremely congested area which required extensive coordination and detailed scheduling. Also included in this project was the construction of a 27,455 SF, 2-story building, which houses administrative offices, an 1,800 SF teleconference center, computer / communication center, laboratories and support space.


Architects: Baskervill|   Owner: Virginia BioTechnology Research Authority  |   Location: Richmond, VA

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