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This project included the renovation of a 2-story science building with 3-story addition and a below grade auditorium. The renovation included complete replacement of existing mechanical, plumbing and laboratory systems as well complete replacement of existing laboratory casework and all other finishes. Project also features the construction of a 10,100 sf new addition, with exterior materials to match existing, and six (6) total laboratory rooms in addition to four (4) laboratory prep rooms. Integral equipment in labs and prep rooms includes fume hoods, lab gas and lab fuel gas distribution, laboratory vacuum systems, point-of-use acid neutralizers (at each sink), emergency eyewash stations, emergency drenching hoses, emergency showers, and Smartboards. All work done while campus remained in full operation.

Architects: Bowie Gridley Architects |   Owner: St. Catherine's School    |   Location: Richmond, VA

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