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Nestled in the close knit community of Ashland, VA, Randolph-Macon College prides itself on its intimate class sizes and active student life both on and off campus. The renovated Copley Science Center houses a new Developmental/Cognitive Human Subjects laboratory for students and professors to work side-by-side in research that is often reserved for top graduate students, as well as an improved Behavioral Neuroscience Animal laboratory. A separate microscopy lab has been added to allow student scientists to work in dark conditions to examine fluorescent stains. We’ve also created a unique and sophisticated behavioral analysis space where students can observe recorded animal behavior on large monitors and conduct micro-sequencing analysis and other techniques.


The lobby of the Copley Science Building was also renovated, including a colorful aluminum sculpture, created by Mathematics Professor Eve Torrence, now suspended from the ceiling.

Architects: Ballinger Architects |   Owner: Randolph-Macon College   |   Location: Ashland, VA

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