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Washington & Lee University - Colonnade

Washington & Lee University - Colonnade

Imbued with the history of our nation, Washington and Lee University's Colonnade is a time-honored example of Neoclassical Revival Architecture.


The W&L campus, and the Colonnade specifically, underwent a multi-phased, meticulous preservation of the historical building facades, rehabilitation of interior features, and overall infrastructure installations and upgrades. Encompassing five buildings – Newcomb, Payne, Washington, Robinson and Tucker Halls – the Colonnade is the heart of Washington and Lee's campus. By preserving the original details that make it stunningly unique and undergoing the renovations necessary to provide students with a 21st century educational experience, Washington and Lee University has been successful in honoring the traditions of its past while fully embracing the promise of its future.

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Washington & Lee University

Lexington, VA

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