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Randolph-Macon College - Macon F. Brock, Jr. Hall

Randolph-Macon College - Macon F. Brock, Jr. Hall

Nestled in the close knit community of Ashland, VA Randolph-Macon College prides itself on its intimate class sizes and its rigorous commitment to producing a student body that will change the world.


To better position these future world-changers, RMC has partnered with Kjellstrom + Lee in the construction a 3-story, 30,000 SF chemistry & Biological Sciences education building that houses teaching labs, wet labs, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Lab, classroom, and conference spaces. These research spaces come equipped with a total of 24 Chemical Fume Hoods and 8 all-glass True-View teaching hoods, all equipped with water, laboratory waste, laboratory gases, and process water services.  These hoods are table-mounted, typically in an island-style layout, and equipped with glass panels on all sides to allow full interaction between researchers, or between students and professors.

Square Feet:

Randolph-Macon College

Ashland, VA


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