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James Madison's Montpelier - Claude Moore Hall

James Madison's Montpelier - Claude Moore Hall

"The Ideas That Changed the World." By and large that is how James Madison is still regarded - as a man whose quest for knowledge and somewhat radical ideas helped lay the foundation of this great nation. Today, Montpelier functions as a live action classroom, educating people from all walks of life.Thrilled to be able to add to that conversation through the construction of a new educational building, Kjellstrom + Lee partnered with Bartzen + Ball to create a space that was inviting, functional, and could (much like Montpelier itself) stand the test of time.


Claude Moore Hall, located at James Madison's Montpelier in Orange, Virginia, houses classroom areas that include a recording studio to capture educational content, a sound booth for audio recording, reception space and an office for the Center's staff.  The 6,800 SF building connects to the existing Lewis Hall through a terrace and landscaped area.  

Square Feet:

James Madison's Montpelier

Orange, VA

Bartzen + Ball

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