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Colonial Williamsburg Inn

Colonial Williamsburg Inn

Providing 21st-century travelers with all the charm and elegance of a 1930’s home, the Colonial Williamsburg Inn now combines the subtlety of English country living with the obvious space and amenities expected in a 5-star resort hotel. This project consisted of 5 phases and included the expansion of guest rooms/suites, renovation of all public spaces including main lobby, sitting and meeting rooms, public restrooms, hallways and stairwells, and the reconfiguration of existing spaces to meet current ADA requirements.


Additionally, there were renovations to the Regency Dining Room, kitchen, conference areas, bar/lounge, maintenance areas and administrative spaces. Restoration of the building’s exterior included masonry repairs, window/door restoration and wood trim repairs and replacement.


Extreme care was taken in matching new and existing materials. The building whitewash was based on the original formula using mixtures of York River oyster shells and salt and applied using pig bristle brushes manufactured by Colonial Williamsburg Artisans. Of particular significance was the acquisition of the logs used to form the interior trim. After extensive testing of the existing trim, K+L was able to determine the exact point of origin of the wood and then harvest trees of the same species and growth to match. Making the transition from old to new imperceptible, new knives were ground to form the new trim; creating the appearance of one continuous installation.

Square Feet:

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Williamsburg, VA

Jung/Brannen Associates

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