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Barbara Johns 9th Street Office Building

Barbara Johns 9th Street Office Building

Originally built in 1904 by entrepreneuse Adeline Detroit Atkinson as the Hotel Richmond, the building's unique details are a testament to the beauty, charm and longevity of good craftsmanship. Over the years, the Hotel has served as a sort of Virginia timeline - housing numerous political headquarters, a radio station, and the central location of the historic Virginia Is For Lovers campaign.

With extensive renovations and restorations performed for Virginia's Department of General Services, the building is now known as the 9th Street Office Building and houses the Virginia Attorney General's office along with other state offices.  Containing 13 stories and 183,167 SF, this renovation/restoration included exterior envelope restoration work, mechanical and electrical systems, interior demolition and finishes, historical restoration of certain building elements, interior tenant fit out, and upgrades and replacement of life safety systems as required by Code.

Square Feet:

Department of General Services

Richmond, VA

Commonwealth Architects

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