As part of UVA Cancer Center, the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center offers the most advanced cancer treatments available in an environment that is convenient and comfortable and designed totally with its patients in mind.


Continuing with this approach, K&L has begun the latest interior fit-out in the Center which will incorporate unused space into a 24,000 SF infusion center along with a 4,200 SF USP 800 Complaint Pharmacy (located on the first floor of the Center) which will contain Bio-Hazard Drug, Hazardous Drug, and Non-Hazardous Drug work rooms in addition to associated support space.  Dedicated HVAC equipment to provide low temperature/low humidity space control; HEPA-filtered air handling units and terminal diffusers; chemical fume hoods and bio-safety cabinets; contaminated exhaust systems with dedicated fans and stainless, fully-welded ductwork; and Pyxis dispensing cabinets and pharmacy level access control are all part of K&L's construction package for the Center.

Architects: Wilmot Sanz  |  Owner: University of Virginia  | Location: Charlottesville, VA


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